A. In its blog post, Reflections on Technology Changes in Real Estate Practice, LawPRO® discusses how emerging law office technology supports client satisfaction, risk management and profitability. We assist lawyers in improving customer service, document management and human resource allocation, while reducing operating costs, turnaround time and clerical errors.
A. We offer residential real estate purchase, sale and re-finance service using The Conveyancer®, and wills and powers of attorney service using Will Builder®. In the near future, we will extend our offering to corporations using Fast Company® and probate using Estate-a-Base®. Click here for a list of our services and costs, and click here for our terms of service.
A. Yes, we offer free trials. You may contact us for this.
A. VLAflow™ is our proprietary, work flow management application. It orchestrates data entry and document production by our staff in India, and your review of these tasks. You use the sign-in link on our website homepage to display review tasks on your individualized dashboard, and completion of these tasks drives your files toward completion.
A. Do Process has not yet deployed The Conveyancer® and Will Builder® for web access directly. Until they do, the applications are installed on our server and accessed by remote desktop through VLAflow's web interface. This gives web-based, anytime-anywhere access to The Conveyancer® and Will Builder® indirectly.
A. We comply with the Privacy Commissioner's guidelines for lawyers and guidelines for outsourcing across borders. Your client's information is stored temporarily on our Microsoft Azure server in Canada. You own and control access to your client's information always, and may terminate our access permanently through file deletion and/or file transfer. See our privacy page for more information.
A. You may sign-up for our services by going to the ‘Register’ link on our website homepage. You will receive your login credentials with the instructions within 48 hours. You do not have any setup cost.
A. The minimum requirements are a PC with Intel Core (i3), Windows 7, Microsoft Word, and Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, connected to high-speed internet. We recommend that you make a Teranet Connect® account available for title searching within The Conveyancer® and that you have a document scanner for the purpose of document exchange.
A. Requisition dates are often near closing dates, and requisitions often present undisclosed encumbrances. Anticipating requisitions by obtaining a parcel register and execution certificate early reduces last minute surprises and allows you to deal with encumbrances and closing documents proactively through us instead of urgently and often on your own.