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We feel that lawyers spend far too much time entering data in and producing documents from application software instead of legal counsel and engagement with clients, which leads to a professional practice that is unfulfilled, unprofitable and risky.


The Assistant's Desk is a legal process outsourcing provider, which resulted from the collaboration between an Ontario lawyer and information technology professionals. Our objective is to alleviate time-consuming data entry and document production by lawyers and their staff so that they can focus on higher-return legal counsel and customer service.

We use work flow management software to orchestrate performance of the standard tasks for completing legal files in a more timely and cost-effective manner using limited human resources, to improve customer satisfaction, risk management and law firm profitability


To integrate technology and service for reducing the time-consuming tasks of data management and document production done by lawyers and their assistants so that they can optimally utilize their limited and valuable resources to the high-value assignments of legal counsel and customer service.